Orthodontics Go Digital
Speaker(s): Dr. Sven Holtorf MSc
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Aesthetics, CAD/CAM, General Dentistry, Orthodontics

Orthodontics Go Digital

Dr. Sven Holtorf MSc

Introduction to intraoral scanning using the CEREC Omnicam and the new Ortho Software.

In regenerative, restorative and replacement dentistry the use of CAD/CAM technology and therefore the intraoral scan is a recognized procedure and replaces more and more analog impressions. Impressions and physical models are an essential part of orthodontics. With an intraoral camera and the CEREC Ortho Software conventional tray impressions are replaced and treatments are digitalized and accelerated.

In this webinar we discuss if it is clinical and economically useful for everyday orthodontics to go digital. After an introduction to the CEREC unit and it’s system the manual process of scanning is explained and shown.

A particular focus will be placed on the economic benefits of the system.

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Dr. Sven Holtorf MSc

1992 Approbation der Zahnheilkunde in Kiel, seit 1995 in eigener Praxis tätig, 2006 MSc. in oral implantology, 2014 internationaler Trainer ISCD. Internationale Vortragstätigkeit und Publikationen, 2015 Entwicklung und weltweite Markteinführung eyeCAD-connect.

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